Donation – Assist a Junior Player with Potential



Tshwane Chess supports several Junior Chess players in their development as chess players.  We make it possible for these players to make their dream of learning how to play chess and attending our tournaments a reality.  This dream eventually grows into becoming members of the Tshwane Chess Team and then eventually qualifying for National and International Tournaments.  All of this takes a lot of time and dedication towards the young players under our care.

We can only make this possible with assistance from our sponsors and parents.

What do players need sponsorships for:

  • Tournament Entry fees
  • Tournament accommodation if it is a National or International Tournament
  • Food during the tournament duration
  • Transport to and front the tournament and also to the venue during the duration of the tournament.
  • Team clothing
  • Training fees per player
  • Training material per player if applicable
  • Chess SA Registration Fees

Junior players often have a Coach or Team Manager traveling with them.  The cost of the supervising adult also has to be covered.


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