New Players - Start from here...

Is this your first Tournament?  

Have a look at this video to assist you when completing one of our entry forms for the first time.

Many people are intimidated by the idea of starting to participate in formal chess tournaments and arriving at one of our tournaments can be quite overwhelming.  This page will guide you through those first few tournaments and weeks of finding your way on this journey as you become a part of our chess family.

Step by Step guide to enter your first tournament:


Choose the tournament you want to enter from our calendar.


Watch the video on how to complete our tournament entry form.


Make your payment and have your POP ready to upload.

EFT into our ABSA Account:

Tshwane Chess Region



408 695 3485



3) PayFast Credit Card payment

  • Below our Tournament Registration
  • Chess Shop Checkout

Complete the booking form.


Visit our Videos for First Time Players page for more tips on what to expect.


Join our WhatsApp Groups For more Tournament News

How do you get invited to the Tshwane Team Trials?

Tshwane Chess Adheres to strict Covid Policies at all our Tournaments.

FAQ for New Parents and Players

I am not a registered member of Tshwane Chess, may I enter your tournaments?

Yes, you may enter all our tournaments, except our Team Trials or tournaments which says CLOSED in the tournament name. 

How do I become a member of Tshwane Chess?

You can register on our Home Page by clicking the Tshwane Chess Registration Page option and completing the required forms.  You will then have the option to pay your registration fees with either EFT, Snapscan or PayFast.  Access to our Members only section of the website will only be sent to you once your payment has cleared into our bank account. 

I am older than 10 and do not have a rating in which section should I enter?

If you are between the ages of 10 and 16 and you do not have a rating then you can enter in the D section.  Players older than 16 years must please enter in the C section.

What does our Team Uniform look like?

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