Tshwane Chess  Covid-19 Tournament Policies

Guidelines for Tournaments

If a player has:

· Had COVID-19 in the last 14 days
· been in contact with someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days; or
· any flu-like symptoms; or
· are in a high-risk health category.

The player must withdraw from the current tournament and not enter a forthcoming
tournament until he/she has been declared medically fit and able to complete. Tshwane Chess may
require the player to submit a Doctor’s certificate that the player is fit to compete again.
If a player has entered a tournament that is to commence within the 14-day period from the
initial withdrawal, the player will automatically be withdrawn from the said tournament.


• Always maintain social distancing of at least 1.5m inside and outside the venue.
• Always wear face masks inside and outside the playing venue.
• Face Masks must be washed daily, and players must have a spare mask with them in their
bag. Face shields may be worn with a mask underneath that covers their nose and mouth.
• Only one player will be allowed to go to the restroom at a time depending on the number of
cubicles there are in the restrooms available at the venue. Wash hands thoroughly after use
of restrooms.
• Avoid drinking water directly from bathroom or outside taps.
• All players must have their own small bottle of hand sanitizer with them during every round.
• Every player is responsible for removing their own litter from the playing venue or placing it
in a dustbin provided at the venue.
• Social distancing must be adhered to when visiting the Tournament Director and Chief arbiter. 
• Players and Staff must wash or use hand santiiser to clean their hands throughout the day
and before and after every round, after eating, after using the restrooms, sneezing, etc.
• Dispose of used tissues immediately.
• Avoid touching your mask and face.
• Use a washing peg to move the chess pieces. Avoid touching any chess equipment with your
hands. Should you touch it immediately clean it with your sanitiser.
• Use the washing peg to press your clock. Avoid touching any chess equipment with your
hands. Should you touch it immediately clean it with your sanitiser.


• No spectators will be allowed inside the playing venue.
•Contact details will have to be completed when entering the tournament so that we can contact
Parents and Guardians during rounds should it be necessary.
• Noncompliance of completing the necessary information/data will result in the person
not being granted access to the venue.
• Always adhere to social distancing and refrain from gathering in groups
01Tshwane Chess Covid 19 Guidelines for Tournaments KL01
• Upon completion of your match, leave the playing area immediately and adhere to social
distancing protocols.
• Masks to be worn at all times while on-site by participants, parents, coaches,
tournament staff and officials.


• Each player must have their own small bottle of hand sanitiser
• Each player must have their own bottle of water at their desk. Only water will be allowed on
the tables.
• No sharing of any equipment, stationary, seats etc. Participants to be seated either side
• of the table.
• Masks must be word when arriving at the venue.
• No shaking of hands before or after the match, elbow bump will be allowed.
• Both players to set the board with their pegs again before handing in their scores.
• Both players to submit the score to the Tournament Director.


• Social distancing of 1.5m must strictly be abided by when lining up for screening to enter the
• Social distancing of 1.5m must strictly be abided by when entering the venue. Players must
go directly to their seats.
• Players must leave the venue immediately after handing in their scores.
• Social distancing rules must be adhered to outside the venue.
• No gathering in groups outside the playing venue.


• I hereby agree to abide by the Tshwane Chess Tournament Rules and Regulations and Code
of Conduct as set out in the Tshwane Chess Handbook.
• I indemnify Tshwane Chess, The Tournament Organisers, Officials, the Venue and all persons
associated with the tournament from all liabilities and claim that could accrue to me or my
heirs, executors, or administrators as a result of illness, injury, or death incurred by
participating in this tournament.
• All Entries will be electronic.
• All prize money will be paid electronically after completion of our Prize Money Claim Form.
• Accept the Tshwane Chess COVID-19 Tournament Rules and Disclaimer in addition to all
standard Tshwane Chess Tournament Rules and Regulations contained in the Tshwane Chess
Handbook, as well as the general Government requirements relating to social distancing and
applicable to the current Government lockdown Level.
• Agree to any additional COVID 19 health and safety precautions measures the tournament
venue may have in place.
• Take full responsibility and accountability for ensuring health and safety precautions. Agree
not hold any tournament organiser, competitor, official, Provincial Association or Chess
South Africa responsible or liable in the event of contracting the Corona virus.


The enactment of Regulations under the Disaster Management Act 57 of 2002 relating to COVID-19 has necessitated Tshwane Chess to require that all tournament organisers, officials, parents, coaches and participants subscribe to a COVID-19 code of conduct and amended tournament rules and regulations in order to permit Tshwane Chess to continue with Over the Board tournaments under these special Disaster Management Regulations.

COVID 19 Code of Conduct

1. The COVID-19 Code of Conduct is applicable to all players, parents, coaches, and officials.
2. The COVID-19 Code of Conduct refers to all health and safety regulations that are in place by
National Government and as per the Tshwane Chess COVID-19 Tournament Regulations and
3. All parties need to accept responsibility for their actions and heath precautions.
4. Wearing of masks is mandatory at all times until the playing premises is left.
5. No exceptions will be made for any person onsite to not wear a mask. This applies to players,
parents, coaches, tournament organisers, tournament staff and officials.
6. In all cases the decisions made by the Tournament Organiser will be final.


Any person found to have breached the Tshwane Chess COVID 19 Code of Conduct or
Tournament regulations/procedures will face disciplinary action with the following

1st Breach: Written Warning to follow the COVID 19 procedures. This can be issued by the
Chief Arbiter, Tournament Organiser or any Tshwane Chess Management Member.

2nd Breach:
Non-compliance following the Written Warning provided from the 1st Breach will result in
the person being asked to leave the venue immediately. In the case of a player, the player
will be defaulted immediately from the tournament, regardless of being inside or
outside the playing venue.

In the event of an accompanying person (parent, guardian, coach) being asked to leave the
venue and refusing to leave will result in the player being defaulted from the event. In both
the 1st and 2nd offence, these are criminal offences and Tshwane Chess, the tournament
organizer, chief arbiter or member of public are obliged to report such criminal offence to
the South African Police Service, in which case Tshwane Chess shall immediately terminate
the persons rights to attending any further Tshwane Chess tournaments or in the case of a player being concerned, terminating the players Chess SA membership until the outcome of the criminal case.

Parent / Guardian / Player Tournament Indemnity Form

Tshwane Chess Parent / Guardian / Player Tournament Indemnity Form l, _____________________________, (Name of person completing this Indemnity form) on behalf of myself and any minor child/children ______________________ ( Name of player) for whom I have the capacity to contract, hereby acknowledge and agree to the following:

l. I acknowledge and understand that the circumstances regarding COVID-19 are changing from day to day and that, accordingly, the SA Government, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention are regularly modified and updated and I accept full responsibility for familiarising myself with the most recent updates.

2. I acknowledge and fully assume the risk of illness or death related to COVID-19 arising from me or my child/children being on the premises and participating in chess/chess related activities.

3. I understand the risks associated with COVID-19 and understand the manner in which the virus spreads.

4. I am aware of, and understand, the COVID-19 Safety Protocols- that Tshwane Chess has implemented in order to minimise the risk of transmission of COVID-19. Policy requirements set out by Tshwane Chess and the Government of South Africa can be obtained from the Vice President Youth of Tshwane Chess.

5. Given the nature of the COVID-19 virus I know and understand the risks associated with participating in chess or chess coaching. I accept these risks and agree that I cannot hold the coach/ playing venue/ Chess Club/ Tshwane Chess or Chess SA or its staff liable for the transmission of, or any outbreak of, the virus at the venue. I indemnify, waive any right I might have to institute any claim of any kind against the venue or its staff and in relation to COVID-19.

6. This document does not exclude or limit any liability that is not capable of exclusion or limitation by law.

7. I agree and undertake that: a. My child/ children and I, will adhere to all policies that Tshwane Chess and National Government have put in place with regard to COVID 19. b. If my child/ children and I or any members of my family show any symptoms of COVID 19 or are sick at all, we will stay at home. These symptoms include, but are not limited to, cough, fever, tiredness, sore throat, runny nose, shortness of breath, diarrhea, headache, loss of taste or smell, rash or chest pain. c. I will inform the coach and/or the venue/club compliance officer as well as one of the Tshwane Chess’ Compliance Officers immediately if I or my child/children or if anyone else in the household has been infected with COVID-19. In this event, our family will undertake to quarantine the entire family for 10 days.

8. In order to ensure the safety of all players and staff, I will wear a mask and will provide my child/children or any other family members with masks and explain to them that the masks must be worn at all times.

9. I confirm that before My child/ children and I or any other member of the family returns to chess I will teach them how to put the masks on and take them off and how to wear them properly. I acknowledge that: a. I will ensure that I and my children are proficient in the use of their masks before coming to chess. b. I will ensure that my own and my child/children’s clothing and masks will be washed daily. c. I will educate my child/children and any other family members about social distancing and its importance.

10. My current contact details have been provided to the coach/venue/club and are correct and valid.


SIGNED at: on this __________ day of _____________________________ 20_____

PARENT/GUARDIAN/PLAYER            PLAYER (Name and Surname) 

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