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Tshwane Chess supports numerous adult players, aiding in their development as chess players and helping them achieve their dreams of participating in national and international tournaments. This invaluable assistance is made possible only through the generous support of our sponsors and parents.

Why do players need sponsorships?

  • Tournament entry fees
  • Accommodation for national or international tournaments
  • Meals throughout the duration of the tournament
  • Transportation to, from, and within the tournament venue
  • Team uniforms
  • Training fees for each player
  • Training materials for each player, if applicable
  • Chess SA registration fees

Your support plays a pivotal role in enabling our players to compete at their best and represent our community on larger stages. We deeply appreciate every contribution, as it not only fosters the growth of our players but also strengthens the spirit of sportsmanship and community within chess. Thank you for your continued support and belief in our mission.