3 Player Chess Board with Bag


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Think chess is only for two players? Thing again. With this 3-player chess set, you have three minds interacting on one board, creating situations that never arise in conventional chess.

The hexagon chessboard is divided into three areas with 32 squares each. Each area has a labeled base where the chess pieces are placed at the start of the game. The pieces are identical to the ones used in conventional chess.

Red opens the game, and each player gets a chance to move in a clockwise fashion. All the principles regarding the pieces’ movement remain the same as in conventional chess.

This set includes the board and pieces and a bag. Size: 65cm in length.

Various options to play

1. The game is continued until the first checkmate is delivered and the winner is the player who delivered the checkmate. The losers are both the other two players.

2. After the first king is checkmated the game continues. The player who managed to deliver a checkmate receives a kind of a “bonus” — he/she takes over the pieces of the checkmated player and plays with two sets of pieces until the ultimate checkmate is delivered.

3. Similarly, to the second way, the game continues after the first king is captured. The pieces of the checkmated player are not removed from the chessboard; however, no movements are made with these pieces, but they can be captured and replaced when a player wants to set his/her piece on the square occupied by such a piece.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 100 × 15 × 15 cm