u8 Pawn Soccer Tournament 2

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Date(s) - May 8, 2021
9:00 am

NG Eldoraigne Familie kerk



1.Touch Move.
2.First to promote wins the game.
3.Raise your hand to call the arbiter if you were the first one to get your pawn to the promotion square / to the other side.
4.NO telephone, WhatsApp or SMS entries will be accepted.
5.No parents will be allowed inside the playing venue due to Covid restrictions.
6.Illegal moves will not be counted.
7.Round 1 to 7 will be played with only pawns and the King. Round 8 will be a fun round where additional pieces of the arbiter’s choice will be added such as the Pawns, Rooks and King.
8.No items may be sold, traded or displayed without the prior written consent of the organiser.
9.The Organiser of the tournament and other tournament officials are not responsible for the safety or property of players or spectators
10.The player/parent/guardian gives consent for photo’s to be taken of the players during the tournament and to be published on our Social Media pages. Should consent not be given please notify us before the tournament so that we can notify our photographers.


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