Adjusted Requirements for Team Selection – 2021

The Etienne Lewis Trials will take place from 7-9 August 2021.

There is only one 90:90 tournament scheduled for before the Etienne Lewis Team Trials.   There will be two 90:90 tournaments directly after the Etienne Lewis.  All players who have entered and Paid for either the 2021 Alekhine or 2021 Gauteng North 90:90 tournament will be given Conditional Exemption to enter the Etienne Lewis Trials IF they have met the other invitation criteria for 2021.

ALL previous selection criteria for the 2020 SAJCC Teams are hereby replaced by the selection criteria as set out in this email.

With the uncertain future of over the board and hybrid tournaments the Merit Committee of Tshwane suggest to keep the following in mind when we determine merit points for 2021:

Will use a combination of Online and Over the board tournaments to make merit selection
Over the board tournaments will take preference due to non-fair play observations in online tournaments. (weightings can only be finalized when we have more data available)

This will include a minimum of one 90:90 Tournament, 1 60:60 tournament and 1 over the board tournament.
All rated events (even shorter time controls, especially on online tournaments) will be considered as long as it form part of the official Tshwane calendar.

Weightings cannot be disclosed yet, due to the unsure nature of events.

During February 2021 Tshwane Chess hosted our first Online Inter-Region in order to make it possible for not only our region, but also all participating regions to award their players with their Chess Colours for the year.  We had over 500 participants taking part on the Saturday and Sunday.

Should there not be a 2021 SAJCC event, the Tshwane Chess management will again host a Junior Inter-Region Tournament to which we will endeavor to invite all the Gauteng regions as well as any other Chess Regions who wish to participate.

This year we will also host a Senior Inter-Region event, which all Top players from the various regions will be invited to enter.  More information will follow.

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